The prepared loom is a socially engaged sound installation. It becomes an instrument that unites people and threads to the rhythm of weaving.

Webstall Pignia Festival 2010

The opening event of interweaving music and fabric, folk and electronics, town and country, young and old with concerts and performances In the center of the barn around an electronically prepared loom, where covers for the CD Taktstoff were woven by guest weavers.

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Webstall @ Galerie message salon downtown Zürich 2010

Stini Arn verwebt sich

Weaving Wellness, CD release and Weaving Workshop Concerts

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Webstall Zürcher Theater Spektakel 2011

Webstall installation and concerts with various artists and musicians at the lakeside of Zürich during two weeks.

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Publication «Taktstoff»


«Taktstoff 1-3» is a series of CDs produced and remixed at the Webstall concerts and packaged in woven CD pockets that were woven at the corresponding event.

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