Webstall Projects


Installations & Concerts


A prepared loom brings people together through music and weaving. The first in-stallation was in an old barn (= Stall) in Pignia. Stini Arn tuned it by adding microphones and various material and invited musicians of different genres and styles to play to the beat of the weaver while CD-covers were being woven.

Publication «Taktstoff»


«Taktstoff 1-3» is a series of CDs produced and remixed at the Webstall concerts and packaged in woven CD pockets that were woven at the corresponding event.

Flying8 Construction in Mali

since 2017

The story of Stini Arn's neighbour Ousmane Diallo in Bamako who wanted to learn to weave and construct the Flying8 looms by Andreas Möller.


since 2018

Cotton fabric from Bamako Mali handwoven on a Flying8 loom in Daoudabougou.

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