Stini Arn

Stini Arn a.k.a. Madame Mallé Christina is a Swiss-Malian artist specialized in sound design. After her jewellery & product design studies in Zurich she moved 1995 to New York to work in film props workshops. New York was the inspiration for the creation of a 16mm short film which won the golden award at the Experimental Film Expo in 1996. This was the beginning of her fascination for sound composition which has captivated her to this day. Her sound works consist of installations and performances and numerous compositions for theatre, video and radio productions. 2008 she obtained a Master of Sound Studies at UdK in Berlin.

After her first visit to Mali Stini Arn was inspired for the sound installation Webstall which has opened a new path to experimenting with weaving. Since she lives in Mali she has started to build looms in Bamako and opened a weaving school at Centre Yiriba together with Ousmane Diallo where their goal is to value local cotton, plant dye and hand weaving. Yiriba Textile products are available in stores in Mali and Switzerland. She currently teaches Design at the Conservatory (CAMM) in Bamako.

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Stini Arn

Zürich, Pignia, Bamako

+41 76 401 90 96

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