Centre Yiriba

The Centre Yiriba in Kalaban Coura, Bamako hosts the Atelier Yiriba for children and the ApprenTISSAGE, which is a learning, experimenting and exchanging space for the development of textile products that are woven and dyed with plants. There is also a garden and kitchen for further exploration.

Construction of the center

since 2018

Building of house, hangar and kitchen installation of water pipes and solar panels

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Opening event

February 2020

Mural painting by Chakara, paper workshop by Carolina Cerbaro and Alice Cantaluppi

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since 2016

An apprenticeship of weaving, dying and building Flying8-looms developed by German weaver Andreas Möller.

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Atelier Yiriba

since 2020

(2015-2019 in Daoudabogou)

Creative activities for children

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