The learning process of textile production.

With our weaving studio in Bamako we are promoting local cotton, dyeing with plants, building Flying8-looms, designing and weaving by hand. We are creating jobs and a place of exchange for learning together for a future with creative insights and prospects.

Made in Mali

Crowdfunding 2020 - Stoffe der Hoffnung

Research and production

Construction Flying8 looms

since 2016

Ousmane Diallo and Stini Arn have built several Flying8 looms with the help of German weaver Andreas Möller.

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Tissage = Weaving

since 2017

Research, experiments, learning of technical and practical knowledge to weave on Flying8 looms

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Textile design

since 2018

Designing patterns and products made from plant based fabrics woven on Flying8 and traditional west african looms

Exhibitions and products