Projects in Mali

Swiss-born artist and sound designer Stini Arn a.k.a. Mme Mallé Christina lives and works in Bamako, the capital of Mali in West Africa. She follows the sounds but also the history of textiles, especially the weaving on the loom, worldwide for many years. In Bamako Stini Arn has set up the Centre Yiriba with several looms and revives almost forgotten traditional techniques, patterns and fabrics with Malian weavers. In addition, the artist has opened the Atelier Yiriba which is a free space for creativity for children of the neighbourhood.

The Centre Yiriba is an experimenting and learning environment for weaving, plant dying, wood construction, painting and gardening in Kalaban Coura, Bamako, near Febac.

Atelier Yiriba started 2015 when Stini Arn opened her studio under the big tree (= Yiriba) of her husbands family in Daoudabougou, Bamako. A group of children from the neighbourhood joined once a week for creative activities.

Yiriba Textile sind handgewebte und pflanzengefärbte Baumwolle-Stoffe, die in der Weberei des Centre Yiriba auf selbst gebauten Flying8 Webstühlen hergestellt werden.

Der Verein Atelier Yiriba wurde 2018 gegründet, mit dem Zweck, die Bildung in Mali im Schul-, Berufs- und Kreativbereich zu fördern, u.a. die ApprenTissage und das Atelier Yiriba.


Kunst- und Designprojekte von Stini Arn hergestellt aus verschiedenen Baumwollstoffen aus Mali.

Sound / Art in Mali

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