ATelier Yiriba

DAoudabougou Bamako/ML

Atelier Yiriba is a space for creative exploration and experiments under the big tree at the big family Mallé in Daoudabougou/Bamako open on Thursdays. Children of the neighborhood are introduced to various materials and techniques and are inspired to express their imagination. There is also a small library with a reading lounge.

Opening event


Children of the first course invite friends and family to come drawing their wishes for the new year.

Clay sculptures


Fulani women teaching us how to burn the sculptures on a fire.

Masks for an exhibition


Inspired by the invitation of artist Sandra Knecht for her exhibition in Basel/Switzerland

Mural painting


Artist Chakara and the children paint a mural at the entrance wall of Atelier Yiriba



Artist Chakara teaches the traditional Bogolan painting

Bogo Ja inspiration


Visit of Bogo Ja festival in Siby with a group of children of Daoudabougou

Atelier Yiriba Yearbook 2015-17

e-book documentation